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About us

The Spanish Guitar High School, is a private educational center located on the emblematic city of Alcalá de Henares classified by the UNESCO as a World Heritage Site and dedicated to the training of excellence interpreters in the specialities of Guitar Concert, Classical and Flamenco.

With a faculty consisting of graduated professionals with extensive experience as teachers and performers, and a Quality Educational Plan tailored to the real needs of students, our main objective is to answer the social demand for broad musical culture and more specifically , ensuring that all students who complete their courses in our School are recognized as renowned guitarists.

Quienes somos

We have all the necessary means to provide higher education:
  • Functional and spacious classrooms with natural light, fitted with the latest technology and specifically prepared for the teaching of the Guitar Concert.
  • Air conditioning and soundproofing at all our facilities.
  • Appropriate teaching materials for all educational levels, part of it developed by our own faculty.
We believe in an educational project aimed to enhance the all-round development of the person, composed not only by knowledge of musical nature, but also by a set of values that constitute the philosophy of our school, whose expression is embodied in the following principles:
  • The schooling we teach are developed within a climate of accountability, collaboration and respect for others, tolerance, generosity and honesty, lack of competitiveness, and personal growth through hard work, perseverance and dedication.
  • We are dedicated to meet the musical interests of our students, trying at all times to exceed their expectations through a complete alignment of our training programs to their real needs thus ensuring maximum participation of our classes.
  • We promote critical thinking and constructive in order to encourage a process of continuous improvement.
  • We offer an elite education at all stages of our training with particular emphasis on a refined instrumental technique, thereby i,which allows our students, if they so wish, to access at any time in the most prestigious conservatories.
  • We work for a school in which both professors and teachers, as students and other staff members, feel proud to belong to.
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